Lay Ministers

The celebration of the Eucharist is facilitated by a number of lay ministers. These include such ordinary lay ministers as ministers of hospitality, ministers of music, servers, ministers of the word, commentators, sacristans and liturgy committees, as well as the extraordinary ministry of assisting with the distribution of communion.

The members of each liturgical ministry should, where possible, reflect the composition of the community as a whole, especially in terms of gender, age and ethnic origins, since liturgical ministries pertain to the entire people of God.

All liturgical ministries of the laity are open to both women and men. Those who serve in these ministries should be chosen on the basis of their personal gifts and talents and should be supported by an ongoing program of liturgical, spiritual and technical formation

Taken from Pastoral Notes on the Roman Missal – Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

If you or anyone is interested in becoming involved in these ministries please contact the office.