Extra Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Taken from Pastoral Notes for Roman Missal – Canadian Conference Catholic Bishops

54. The “ordinary” and primary ministers of Holy Communion are the Priest and the Deacon who ministers the chalice. Other ministers of Communion assist the Priest and the Deacon as needed. 52

  • All ministers who are to assist the Priest and assisting Deacon as ministers of Communion should be familiar with the local arrangements of the Communion Rite and should be present for the entire celebration.
  • Ministers also bring Communion to the sick from the Sunday Eucharist. In doing so, they provide a valuable service to the Church, joining the sick to the assembly and its feast, and embodying the community’s care and affection for all its members.

55. “Extraordinary” ministers of Holy Communion are lay persons who have been instituted as acolytes or duly commissioned as ministers of Communion. They assist the ordinary ministers (Priest and Deacon) in giving the Body and Blood of Christ to the family of God. In doing so, they act in the name of Jesus and follow the example of service that he gave at the Last Supper.53 48 LM, nos. 167 ff.

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