Taken from Pastoral Notes for Roman Missal – Canadian Conference Catholic Bishops

52. Ministers of the word (lectors, readers)48 are responsible for proclaiming the first and second readings in the Liturgy of the Word. When they announce the living Word of God in the assembly, they act as agents of Christ, who is present in the Word they proclaim. Speaking on his behalf, they seek to embody his message and make it come alive in their own person.49 So that the assembly may hear the one Word of God proclaimed by a diversity of voices, it is preferable that there be different readers for the first and second readings.

  • Cantors or psalmists are both ministers of music and ministers of the Word. They sing the scriptural psalm and open out to the household of faith the ancient prayer book and hymn book of the Church and of Jesus Christ himself.50 53. Ministers of the Word  should be provided with a formation program that will open their hearts to the sacred writings and help them to reflect prayerfully on the readings and psalms that they will proclaim in the assembly.
  • Ministers of the Word should be trained to use the microphone effectively. They need to recognize that the sound system is intended to amplify and not to substitute for genuine proclamation.51