Ministry Workshops

Ministries of the Church

Lectors: Proclaims God’s word, First reading, second reading and intentions.

Extraordinary Min. of Eucharist: Distributes the body and blood of Jesus at Communion time.

Sunday Choir Member: Sings the good news! At the 10 AM Mass and special occasions.

Hospitality Ministers: Welcomes people to our community and distributes the bulletin.

Home Communion for the sick and shut-in: once a month visits to the sick and shut-in in the community and delivers communion.

Environment Ministry: A flair for colour and décor, seasonal changes for our prayer environment.

Religious Education: Sharing of our faith with our youth of today!

This is a list of some of the ministries of our church, if you would like to join any of these ministries or have more information about any one of these ministries please call the office 902 564 9021